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Civil Society (01st- 05th August, 2022)
Civil Society (01st- 05th August, 2022)

Political parties and civil society organizations have said that invitation from Ministry of Justice calling for them to discuss the National Assembly-approved draft amendments to eight Articles of the Constitution is “too late”.;
Nick Marx, director of Wildlife Alliance, has said that there are believed to be more than 100 endangered sambar deer in the forest, while painted storks, pelicans and greater adjutants make it their home for parts of the year. The land under the Phnom Tamao forest is a new zoo will be built in exchange for the satellite-city development, and wild pigs were destroying crops on nearby farms.;
Workers gathered outside Phnom Penh’s Jing Sheng Factory demanding compensation for workers who were allegedly fired after they tried to form a union.;
A prominent union leader has been warned for allegedly forcing NagaWorld casino workers to continue their protests, with the Labor Ministry letter threatening “punishment” if she continued her “illegal activities.”;