Free, fair and transparent elections as well as maximal participation. From the people to choose the right leader and to have meaningful election results
Civil Society (13th – 17th March, 2023)
Civil Society (13th – 17th March, 2023)

Just 38 indigenous communities out of 455 have received communal land titles since the government first made them available in 2009, with indigenous activists and rights groups bemoaning the notoriously slow process.;
Rights group LICADHO documented the killings of 26 women by their current or former “intimate partners” from January 2020 to June 2022, noting that five children were killed alongside them.;

More than 50,000 Cambodian garment workers have lost their jobs as struggling companies have made cutbacks to try to stay afloat while others have closed, Radio Free Asia has learned. To date, 10 Cambodian factories have completely shut down and 500 others have suspended production since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.;

A Buddhist monk arrested and defrocked while peacefully marching across Cambodia has fled the country, citing concerns over his security, and moved to neighboring Thailand where he has resumed his religious duties. Venerable Soy Sat, 72, began marching across Cambodia earlier this year to urge the government to restore social ethics and resolve national issues.;