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Civil Society (27th June – 01st July, 2022)
Civil Society (27th June – 01st July, 2022)

Rights groups are concerned about several major factory layoffs of Cambodian migrant workers in Thailand in the first half of this year.;
About 100 residents at Boeung Tamok lake’s Samrong Tboung village have filed a petition to Prime Minister Hun Sen, asking him to step in over their eviction without acceptable compensation.;
Three groups of protesters crisscrossed Phnom Penh Friday morning over longstanding labor, land and political issues, submitting petitions to various government institutions and the E.U.;
Labour union heads have quoted preliminary figures for the 2023 minimum wage for textile-related sectors in the $204-214 range, up from this year’s $194, ahead of negotiations next month among the worker associations.;