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CIVIL SOCIETY(06th – 10th May 2024)
CIVIL SOCIETY(06th – 10th May 2024)

A group of 39 Cambodian women who were exploited as maids in Saudi Arabia and rescued by the Cambodian Embassy are asking the Saudi government to help them return home because the embassy keeps delaying their return.;

Union leader Morm Rithy was arrested after being convicted on charges of incitement to commit a crime following a lawsuit by Chinese-owned Jin Bei Group and has been sent to Prey Sar prison where he will serve an 18-month sentence.;

About 80 Daun Ov community residents living in Choeung Ek commune, Dangkor district gathered in front of the Phnom Penh City Hall again to submit a petition requesting land titles, as they are being threatened by a company which has been pouring sand into a lake near their homes since 2020. The villagers, who were at the City Hall on Monday, represented 101 families.;

The Cambodian Youth Network Association (CYN) is collaborating with 13 civil society organisations in a month-long lead up celebration of World Environment Day 2024.;