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Civil Society(29th Apr. – 03rd May, 2024)
Civil Society(29th Apr. – 03rd May, 2024)

The Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions (CATU) demands that Kampong Speu Provincial Court drop the criminal charge against Chea Chan, union president of Wing Star Shoes, and release him. CATU alleged that Chan’s arrest was related to the abuse of the judiciary to stifle his freedom of association.;

Activists and family members of prison inmates in Cambodia have expressed concern over the deteriorating health of prisoners who suffer due to water shortages in the country’s overcrowded prisons.;

Nearly 1,000 workers from various sectors gathered at the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) park in conjunction with the 138th International Labor Day, themed “Together to promote labor rights, freedom of association and better work in Cambodia”, to demand an increase in garment workers’ salary and restore the rights of union.;

Drone footage shows the latest developments at ore mines in northern Cambodia that citizens worry is harmful to the environment and could disrupt the lives of people who live nearby, residents.;