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Civil Society(8th – 12th June, 2020)
Civil Society(8th – 12th June, 2020)

The Cambodian Independent Teachers’ Association (Cita) has submitted a letter to Education International (EI), a global federation of teacher unions, requesting that it intervene to help four teachers who were arrested for allegedly engaging in “politically motivated” activities.;

A group made up of more than 30 people from 13 families gathered in Meanrith commune, in Dang Tong district, Kampot province, on Sunday requesting the authorities to speed up the resolution of a chronic land dispute with former Dang Tong district deputy governor Prak Buoy.;

A group of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) including Committee for Free and fair Elections in Cambodia (COMFREL) urged Cambodia’s government to stop arresting those critical of its policies, including opposition activists, saying the campaign is a violation of their rights and will lead to a “societal split” that will be ruinous for the nation.;

Cambodia’s chief monk has ordered Buddhist leaders nationwide to find and defrock prominent activist Venerable Luon Sovath, who was ordered to give up his monk’s robes for allegedly having sexual relations with women, a claim he denies.;