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International Community (12-16 November 2018)
International Community (12-16 November 2018)

The European Union, Cambodia’s largest export market, is making preparations for the country’s expulsion from a preferential trade scheme that guarantees tariff-free access to EU markets for Cambodian goods, according to the EU ambassador. Both Cambodia and Myanmar heavily depend on the European Union's duty and quota free trade agreement. But the European bloc believes it is time that these countries address human rights abuses. Ate Hoekstra reports.;;

ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR) on Friday called on the leaders of Asean member states to “press” Prime Minister Hun Sen on human rights issues during the Asean summit this week in Singapore.  A group of liberal lawmakers from Asean nations meeting in Singapore this week will focus on Cambodia and Myanmar’s human rights record, with MPs saying the rights of Southeast Asians were “under threat” from the bloc’s “destructive non-interference principle.”;;

The United Nation’s Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Cambodia issued a statement on  calling on the government to work closely with NGOs and put human rights at the forefront of policy decisions in order to achieve sustainable development.;

Outgoing US Ambassador to Cambodia William A Heidt said he will continue to press the US government on the possibility of lifting the visa sanctions imposed on certain Cambodian government officials, even after leaving his post, a Ministry of Interior deputy spokesman said on Wednesday.;;