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International Community (24-28 September 2018)
International Community (24-28 September 2018)

A UN expert on the rights situation in Cambodia decried Thursday that laws were being used to rein in dissent and were creating a "climate of fear" in the country. UN Special Rapporteur for Cambodia Rhona Smith voiced alarm over a significant deterioration in the country's political situation over the past year and urged the government to change course.

In the wake of the ruling CPP sweeping all 125 National Assembly seats, political and legal experts, as well as the UN’s human rights envoy, are questioning the legitimacy of the government.


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China on Wednesday defended Cambodia against an onslaught by the UN special rapporteur for human rights, Rhona Smith, who slammed the Kingdom’s record in a speech at the UN Human Rights Council.


A senior US Embassy official in Cambodia has warned Cambodia over its growing closeness with Beijing. At a meeting in the capital, Michael Newbill, the embassy’s chargé d’affaires, said incurring substantial debts to China has had negative impacts on other countries, such as Sri Lanka and Djibouti.


State Sen. Doug Ericksen should not be praising July's flawed elections in Cambodia, which the White House and others have condemned as undemocratic.

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Brad Glosserman, Pacific Forum CSIS senior adviser, last week said the Cambodian government has to put more effort in rebuilding its relationship with the United States.


Multidimensional poverty continued to fall, but around 35 percent of all Cambodians remained poor, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Cambodia said in a press release on Tuesday.

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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) forecast Cambodia's gross domestic product (GDP) growth to maintain its strong momentum in 2018 with strong performances expected in exports and domestic demand, said its press release on Wednesday.https://bit.ly/2OeIU2y;