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INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY​(06th – 10th May 2024)
INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY​(06th – 10th May 2024)

A U.N. spokesman’s call for the immediate release of a prominent union leader “amounts to contempt for Cambodian judiciary’s competency and integrity and restore civic and political space and the right to freedom of expression, with Cambodian officials responding that civilians are allowed to exercise their right to “public opinion with no limitations;

Vietnam has again asked Cambodia to cooperate in assessing the impact of the Funan Techo canal on its Mekong River delta, although using a more conciliatory tone than it has done in previous exchanges on the dispute between the neighbors. Cambodia maintains its stance to proceed with the $1.7 billion Funan Techo Canal without providing detailed information to Vietnam, citing the 1995 Mekong Agreement, despite repeated calls from Hanoi for information sharing before the construction of the 180-kilometre-long canal commences.;

Cambodia’s Defense Ministry insisted that the months-long presence of two Chinese warships in a strategically important naval base that is being newly expanded with funding from Beijing does not constitute a permanent deployment of the Chinese military in the country.;

As Australia initiates reforms to its anti-money laundering mechanisms to counter laundering and the financing of terrorism, the Pacific nation’s media and an anti-corruption NGO have raised suspicions about real estate investments in Australia in an attempt to shine a spotlight on Cambodian financial sources.;