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 Judiciary, Authority and Military  (08th – 12th August, 2022)
 Judiciary, Authority and Military  (08th – 12th August, 2022)

Seven former CNRP activists have been sent to 18 months to three years in prison each for inciting people to go against the authorities, overthrow the government and insulting the King on Facebook between 2018 and 2021.;
The 51st hearing of former opposition leader Kem Sokha took place on August 10, with the prosecution continuing to question him regarding his alleged conspiracy with a foreign power in an attempt to topple the government in late 2013.;
The National Military Police have come down hard on its officers after a barrage of biting criticism implicating the use of excessive force which led to the death of a Kampong Thom provincial man over the illegal sport of cockfighting.;
Phnom Penh Municipal Court tried former opposition leader Sam Rainsy in absentia for allegedly agreeing to cede four northeastern provinces to the Montagnard, a French term referring to a Vietnamese hill tribe, also known as Degar, most of whom are from Christian ethnic minority groups residing in the Vietnam Central Highlands.;
A Phnom Penh court prosecutor has decided to formally charge opposition leader Son Chhay for public defamation in two cases, with his lawyer saying the cases now proceed to trial.;