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Legislative and Executive (12-16 November 2018)
Legislative and Executive (12-16 November 2018)

The Cambodian People’s Party (CPP)-controlled National Assembly approved the $6.7 billion national budget for next year on Thursday, but a former opposition lawmaker expressed concern for the future “consequences” of using state money without opposition scrutiny.

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At the Asean summit in Singapore, Prime Minister Hun Sen said he hoped the bloc’s relationship with China would “root deeply”, hailing the Asian power as a “strategic partner”, while its Premier Li Keqiang called for improved trade and “healthier globalization”. Prime Minister Hun Sen has expressed his support over Russia’s request which is aimed at promoting Asean-Russia to be a strategic partnership.

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The government has appointed over 200 officials as undersecretaries of state, secretaries of state, assistants and advisers at various institutions since October 1. While senior officials said the appointments were aimed at ensuring higher efficiency at the national level, social analysts said the practice is merely power-sharing and a waste of the national budget.https://bit.ly/2Pz320U;