Fair, free, fair and transparent elections as well as maximal participation. From the people to choose the right leader and to have meaningful election results
Legislative and Executive Structure (27-31 August 2018)
Legislative and Executive Structure (27-31 August 2018)

On 5 September, the opening session of the new national assembly that is has 100% of 125 seats from only Cambodian People Party CPP.  The Western countries government not endorsed the outcomes of July elections whether their Ambassadors accept the invitation and will present or not.   

The National Assembly issued a statement saying King Norodom Sihamoni will preside over its opening session on September 5, with the presence of dignitaries, ambassadors and representatives of civil society organizations.

https://bit.ly/2N1U0HA; https://bit.ly/2wGTPrd;

After hosting 16 of the Kingdom’s 20 registered parties at the inaugural meeting of the Consultation Forum, two additional parties earlier this week announced their intention to join the group but pushed back against the idea of opposition leaders receiving salaries.

https://bit.ly/2LJDur4; https://bit.ly/2MYSAxy; https://bit.ly/2MD5Oka; https://bit.ly/2Pp0xtB;