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Media (16th – 20th January, 2023Media)
Media (16th – 20th January, 2023Media)

Prime Minister Hun Sen held his annual get-together with the media during which he urged all journalists to report accurately and professionally and avoid spreading fake news. More than 4,000 journalists, including online ones, attended the fifth get-together at Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Centre in Phnom Penh. Photographer Khem Sovannara captured the event.;
Prime Minister Hun Sen said that the draft law on Access to Information will be ready between 2024 and 2025, during the 7th mandate of the Government.;

The ministry posted to its official Facebook page an apparent Candlelight Party statement with the party’s letterhead saying the recent arrest of its vice president Thach Setha was “correct and in line with legal procedures in Cambodia with no connection to political matters.” “This statement, which the ministry’s information agency received from a senior official of the Candlelight Party, led our agent to believe that it was a true Candlelight Party statement,” it said on Thursday. But Candlelight denied the statement, and the ministry deleted the uncited fake document. It did not say who the senior official who provided the statement was.
When the ministry posted the fake news and then deleted it, it lost the trust of the people and caused the public to misunderstand the information.;