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Other and Political Opinions(27th – 31st Jan 2020)
Other and Political Opinions(27th – 31st Jan 2020)

Tourism industry officials and representatives expressed concern that the outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) will devastate Cambodia’s tourism industry following the Kingdom’s first documented case in the coastal province of Sihanoukville on Monday.;;

The ranking of Cambodia’s capital in the World Crime Index has worsened from last year.;

More than 200,000 Chinese nationals left Cambodia in the wake of the Prime Minister’s decision to ban online gaming operations in the Kingdom, the government of the kingdom has revealed;

In recent years, some observers have said that the exiled Cambodian Sam Rainsy lacked the courage to return to Cambodia, as he had several times announced. Yet when he took all possible steps to return to his country on November 9, it was Hun Sen’s government in Phnom Penh that did everything in its power to prevent him from setting foot in his country: a ban on airlines serving Cambodia from transporting Sam Rainsy, on pain of sanctions for “complicity with a convict”; a request to the Thai government in Bangkok to prevent Sam Rainsy from entering Cambodia by land via Thailand (as personally confirmed by Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha); the mobilization of tens of thousands of soldiers and police ordered by Hun Sen to block any entry by Sam Rainsy and his supporters; and multiple preventative arrests and threats of legal action for “sedition” and “treason” against countless inhabitants of Cambodia who were preparing to welcome Sam Rainsy on his return.;