Free, fair and transparent elections as well as maximal participation. From the people to choose the right leader and to have meaningful election results
Political Party (04th – 08th October, 2021)
Political Party (04th – 08th October, 2021)

Minister of Interior Sar Kheng has requested the formation of a working
group with representatives from the ruling Cambodian People’s Party and
high-ranking government officials in order to motivate and encourage
municipal and provincial governors and the authorities at all levels – from
commune chiefs and councils to commune police and village chiefs – to serve
the people selflessly out of civic duty, honour and patriotism.;

The ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) has fully supported the amendment
to the constitution regarding the requirement for single Khmer nationality
for national leaders who hold the post of Senate President, National
Assembly President, Prime Minister and Constitutional Council President.;

Three small political parties have begun talks about the possibility of
merging, or if not possible, forming an alliance ahead of upcoming

Just days after Funcinpec’s Heng Chantha was removed from his position as a
party vice-president, he has now been removed as a member of the Supreme
Consultative Council (SCC).;