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Political Party (16th – 20th January, 2023)
Political Party (16th – 20th January, 2023)

After arrest of Thach Setha, vice-president of the Candlelight Party (CP), the primary opposition Candlelight Party said it would consider not contesting the upcoming July national election if the political threats and use of the courts against its senior leaders and members persisted. The under-pressure Candlelight Party said it would rely on foreign countries to promote fair elections in Cambodia, and it did not consider public demonstrations to be beneficial.;

The Candlelight Party said it wants to negotiate with the government to ensure the release of its vice president Thach Setha, who was arrested in a check bouncing case in which the plaintiff has close ties to the ruling party.;
The Candlelight Party’s (CP) statement about the current political situation in Cambodia wherein they claim that they are working “under threat and intimidation from the ruling party” drew another warning of legal action from Prime Minister Hun Sen, in his capacity as its president.
Candlelight Party vice president Son Chhay believes the party’s top committee “will not hesitate” to issue an apology to the ruling CPP in the face of angry threats from Prime Minister Hun Sen.;