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Reactions to the Election Results (6-10 August 2018)
Reactions to the Election Results (6-10 August 2018)

1.1 International Community Reactions

Western countries and EU have expressed concern and disappointment over the polls in which outlawed CNRP was absent.;

The Japanese Foreign Minister has expressed concern over Cambodia’s national election after the number of invalid ballots spiked when compared to the 2013 election.;

1.2  Endorsement

The Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation (CEC) lauded the election process in Cambodia, which it found being open, free, and transparent.  It expressed its appreciation for the involvement by Cambodia’s National Election Committee’s (NEC).;

The Cambodian Foreign Affairs Ministry said yesterday that Thailand and the Philippines have congratulated the government on a successful national election.;

1.3  Contesting Political Party Responses

The Grassroots Democratic Party president has accused the ruling CPP of intimidating voters and bribing them for support in order to secure a sweeping victory in the national election last month.;

Two minor political parties have refused to accept the results of the Kingdom’s July 29 national elections. One has filed a complaint with the constitutional Council demanding a recount, while the other has warned that it will leader demonstrations.;

The Leader of the Cambodia National Rescue Movement, Sam Rainsy, has said any negotiations with caretaker prime minister Hun Sen are impossible. The 2018 national elections – a “fake” that only international pressure could “change”.;

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Monday called out former opposition leader Sam Rainsy and swore on his life that the latter’s claims of inflated voter turnout figures or intimidation surrounding the July 29 national elections were unfounded.;;

The National Election Committee has countered accusations from the League for Democracy Party, which claimed that its political observers were forced to sign forms accepting election results at polling stations.;

1.4 Civil Society Comments

The president of rights group ADHOC has expressed concern over Cambodia’s political situation which could result in international sanctions, urging the government and the dissolved CNRP to seek a political solution.;

The Cambodian Confederation of Unions (CCU) expressed “serious concern” over the fate of garment sector workers should economic sanctions be forced upon the Kingdom from abroad.;